Our Mission:

omnilife health care systems, inc. is dedicated to providing an environment which yields quality health care to its resident at a reasonable cost. Our philosophy is to promote wellness, enhance independence through rehabilitation and prevention, and to promote the dignity, rights and respect of all residents. Finally, as a service enterprise, we endeavor to provide our employees with a quality working environment and opportunities to expand their horizons for their own quality of life.


What We Do:

omnilife health care systems, inc. provides business support services including, but not limited to, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, data processing and marketing for health care providers.

Our Logo:         

Omnilife's symbol or logo is a Life Star, which contains at its center, an ankh, (an ansate cross of Egyptian origin), symbolizing life. The star represents the expanse of the universe, with man at its center. The corporate name is written in lower case. Both the symbols and the lower case signify that people are the central focus of our system.

omnilife health care systems, inc.
50 West 5th Ave (PO Box 8309)
Columbus, Ohio 43201
phone: 614-299-3100      fax: 614-299-3813       e-mail